Call for Education Research Proposals

Proposals must be submitted by September 1, and video presentations are due by October 1.

The Global Educators Meeting (GEM) Ongoing Activities Subcommittee seeks to provide funding for up to 24 months (amount yet to be finalized). The goal of the Ongoing Activities Subcommittee is to create a linkage between GEMs through the support of activities facilitating collaboration, innovation, and scholarly work focused on prosthetic and orthotic education.

Interested parties are asked to complete an application and prepare a 5 to 7-minute presentation which summarizes their proposal. The presentation will be recorded and submitted electronically ahead of the 2024 GEM. The Ongoing Activities Subcommittee will review the proposals, and attendees at the 2024 GEM will view and rate the recorded presentations. A combination of the results of the subcommittee review and the ratings will determine the recipient.


  • The PI must be a faculty member of an P&O education program.
  • All other members of the research team must be listed on the application.
  • The research team must include faculty members from at least two (2) P&O educational programs.
  • All team members must provide a letter with written approval from supervisor(s) supporting the project. Funding cannot be applied toward salary support.
  • Project objectives or aims are recommended to target at least of the following categories:
Providing feedback to students​
Curricula development
Clinical education and internship practices
Program evaluation and outcomes
Faculty development of P&O educators
Education standards
Assessment methods
Instructional methods
Academic preparation v. clinical practice
Program resources

Use of Funds
This program is intended to launch collaborative educational projects which will be presented every two years at the Global Educators Meeting. Cost extensions beyond the grant period are not allowed. The funds may be used to support project related supplies, publication costs, technology costs, travel expenses, etc. The funds may not be used to cover faculty salaries. The funds may not be used for indirect costs.
Applicants should describe how personnel will manage the time commitment required to complete proposed project activities or whether the activities fall within the normal range of responsibilities. Meeting registration expenses for the 2026 GEM will be covered for two of the investigators. Awardees will be expected to present their work at the 2026 Global Educators Meeting set to be held at Sirindhorn School of Orthotics and Prosthetics at Mahidol University in Thailand.

Format of the Application
All documents must be uploaded together as a single PDF file in the order given in the Application Materials section.

Submission Information
Project descriptions and budget should be submitted via the form on the GEM website.

Application Materials
The application portal will be opened on the GEM Website as soon as possible. The following information should inform your development of an application. 

An application must include the sections listed below (in the order listed). All pages must be numbered. Text should be single-spaced, 11-point Arial or Helvetica or 12-point Times font, with minimum of ½” margins.

  1. Cover Page: Please use the form provided.
  1. Project Abstract: Maximum 300 words in the designated space on the cover page.
  1. Budget: Provide a summary of the total request using the Budget Summary Form provided. Include a detailed budget narrative explaining how funds will be spent. The budget narrative may be up to one page, single-spaced.
  1. Educational Project Rationale and Plan: This part of the application should be 1–2 pages, single-spaced. The following sections should be included:
    1. Goals and objectives or specific aims
    2. Significance, including potential for broader impacts (benefits beyond immediate project impacts) and relevance to P&O education
    3. Personnel, qualifications, and roles on project (PI and team members).
    4. Approach or proposed plan of work, including description of how the goals and objectives will be achieved (work to be carried out), methodologies, evaluation plan, dissemination of results, and deliverables. 
    5. Timeline of project activities and milestones
  1. Literature Cited: List any citations on a separate page. The list of literature cited does not count toward the 2-page limit of the Project Rationale and Plan.

NOTE: if a project involves human-subjects research, applicants will be required to have an IRB-approved human-subjects protocol (which must be in place or in progress before funds are released).